Schmitz Cleaning Balls

Schmitz (An Affiliate Company of GEA BGR) cleaning balls plays a crucial role in maintaining the condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes clean and free from Fouling & Scaling. Cleaning Balls are injected at the Inlet water pipe of the Condenser get distributed widely along with the cooling water to reach the condenser tubes; cleaning balls are slightly oversized than the condenser tube diameter to ensure thorough cleaning of the tubes and maintain the overall heat transfer.

Schmitz Cleaning balls are manufactured with high-quality standards and are eco-friendly in nature. The Cleaning balls we provide are proven and accepted by several reputed customers across the world.

We provide a wide range of cleaning balls to suit every application.

  • Sponge Rubber: Hardness selected to suit any service conditions
  • HighTemperature Balls: For Application up to 140DegC in Desalination and District heating.
  • Abrasive Balls: Ring / Fully coated for the removal of hard deposits
  • Granulate Coated Balls: For use in Titanium tubes
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