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We Design, Engineer & Manufacture Condenser & Heat Exchanger Online Tube Cleaning Systems, Debris Filters, Self Cleaning Strainers & Auxiliary cooling water filter for Industrial water applications.
The Debris Filter is an important filtering equipment installed in the Cooling Water (CW) Inlet Line nearer to the condenser / Heat Exchanger to overcome the fouling issue caused by shells, mussels, fish, algae, etc. carried in cooling water, thus ensuring the steady flow of debris free cooling water to the condenser / Heat Exchanger.
GEA Recommend to use Debris filter as a secondary filtering system in conjunction with primary screens such as traveling band screen, Bar screens, etc. for smooth operation of the plant.
With GEA BGR Debris filter inline, condenser / Heat Exchanger tubes will be free from Macro Fouling, improve the reliability of condenser, reduction in plant shutdown time with overall reduction in operational cost.
GEA BGR Online Tube Cleaning System is recommended for continuous cleaning of the Condenser Tubes with the Plant in operation. Online Tube Cleaning System is installed to maintain cleanliness of the Condenser Tubes without compromising power plant output and unnecessary shutdown.
With GEA BGR Online Tube Cleaning System in place, condenser / Heat Exchanger tubes will be free from Scaling & Fouling thus maintaining the intended heat transfer rate, save shutdown time for manual cleaning of tubes & most importantly an energy saving equipment.
Schmitz Sponge cleaning are selected &recommended based on type of applications, operating temperature, Material of Construction of condenser / Heat Exchanger tubes, etc. Cleaning ball basic charge is recommended based on type of condenser & total number of tubes present in it.
Yes, GEA BGR Engineer will visit the plant to understand the site conditions and operational parameters & recommend a suitable solution for Installation of new Tube Cleaning System& Debris Filters. We have done similar kind of system upgradation in many plants and running successfully.
GEA BGR advice to take periodic maintenance as per OEM recommendation. General maintenance can be done once a year or during plant turn around.
With our energy saving systems in place, our customers have experienced a payback period (ROI) of less than 2 years.