Retrofit / Upgradation

Our customized Design of Equipment suits every client’s requirements to serve their running plants through which the generation efficiency is enhanced.

GEA BGR's State-Of-The-Art technology reduces the plant breakdowns excessively and significantly improves the life and efficiency of the Condenser / Heat Exchangers.

There is always room for upgrades in an ever evolving world, and in GEA BGR, research and development is the main artery as we strive hard to develop and improve the energy efficient products. We provide fully developed, tested and proven latest improvements to our customers.

We conduct energy audits to provide cost effective solutions.

Time bound completion of the upgradation/retrofit activities as per the requirements of our customers

Retrofit / Upgradation
Erection & Commissioning

Erection & Commissioning

Our highly qualified team of multi-disciplined professionals are capable of handling complex construction, erection, start up, commissioning and ensuring the equipment meets the designed parameters as committed

We fulfil all the certification standards, with utmost importance and compliance to the highest industrial HSE standards.

We provide round the clock support to our customers around the world.


Efficient training for the Operator is the primary step for ensuring smooth operation of the equipment at our customer’s location. At GEA BGR we ensure that our training services reach the last mile.

Various training services offered by GEA BGR includes on-site workshops, hands on training workshops, Case study distribution, In-house training and remote training, etc. to name a few.

We ensure our tutorials are readily available within the reach of our clients.


Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Repair Service

GEA BGR provides continuous after sales services and undertakes varied maintenance activities such as the Annual Maintenance, preventive and periodical maintenance, to ensure trouble free equipment during plant operations.

Prompt Assistance from our team of experts in providing end to end solutions to our customers.

We deliver integrated solutions for highly complex repair works to our customers even with the shortest turnaround time.

"Our reach on call" services are available to our customers for technical assistance all around the world.

We provide round the clock tele services to our customers according to their needs.



Spare Service

We ensure the availability of our spare parts and consumables meeting as per ISO 9001:2015 with welding compliance to ISO 3834-2:2005, ASME, DIN, NEMA Standards as per our client specifications.

We Supply reliable and durable OEM parts that are offered as per our customer requirements with assured interchangeability.

Fastest delivery of spares according to the client requirements.

Forecasted spares assistance to all our clients to make sure the ready availability of spares during any unplanned shutdown.

All our spares are provided with a guarantee / warranty certification

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