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Cleanliness of the condenser is highly essential to the overall efficiency of the power plant as the condenser play an essential role in Power Generation. Fouling of the Condenser becomes a major concern when debris such as shells, mussels, fish, algae, etc., are carried overwith the circulating (sea/river) water and blocks the water flow by choking the condenser. The Debris Filter is the important equipment installed in the Cooling Water (CW) Inlet Line close to the condenser to overcome the fouling issue and ensure the steady flow of cooling water to the condenser. GEA BGR Debris Filters automatically flush out the debris captured in the screen without affecting the plant's performance and any manual interference. The Debris filter is intended to be used as a secondary filtering system in conjunction with primary screens such as traveling band screen, Bar screens, etc.

Design Features

The design and internal construction of the filter are mapped based on the Cooling water flow rate, together with the type, size, and quantity of the debris in the Cooling Water Inlet.

  • Filter Type: Conical and Wedge Wire
  • Design Standards to ASME / DIN / BS / EN / JIS
  • Installation Position: Horizontal / Vertical / Elbow as per plant requirement.
  • Debris Filter Size: Ranging from DN 700 - DN 3500 mm
  • Filter Screen Perforation: Ranging from 1 - 10 mm


  • Debris Filter Shell: - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cupro Nickel, Duplex SS
  • Internals: SS 316 L, SS 317 LN, Cupro Nickel, Duplex / Super Duplex steel
  • Debris Filter Shell and Internal materials can be provided according to the requirements of our customers, which will be suitable for the circulating water.


Debris-free water to the condenser.

  • Prevents Macro-fouling of Condensers
  • Offer very low DP across the filter
  • Automatic flushing cycle (1-3 Minutes)
  • Capable of retrofitting in any existing layout with minimum modifications
  • Easy Maintainability
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