Condenser Online Tube
Cleaning System

Fouling and Scaling of the Condenser Tubes happens to cause a major impact on a condenser's overall performance, which will eventually result in the loss of Power Generation. GEA BGR Condenser Online Tube Cleaning System is installed to facilitate continuous cleaning of the Condenser Tubes with the Power Plant in operation. Condenser Online Cleaning is carried out by passing slightly oversized Sponge Rubber Balls across the condenser tubes. A condenser tube cleaning system is a closed recirculating loop through which the Schmitz Cleaning Balls are injected into the condenser Cooling water. The cleaning balls passthrough the tubes to keep the tube free of scaling formation. The ball strainer located downstream of the condenser collects the cleaning balls and reinjects them through a ball recirculating pump skid with an injection nozzle installed on the condenser cooling water inlet pipes. Understanding the growing significance and with the utmost care for the environment, these cleaning balls are prevented from getting out of the closed-loop system and ensuring ball collection ratio is designed to maximum.

Design Features

The internal construction and the design of the Condenser Tube Cleaning System are based on the Cooling Water flow rate, the type of Condenser, and its Parameters.

  • CTCS Design: V Type
  • Design standards to ASME / DIN / BS / EN /JIS
  • Installation Position: Horizontal / Vertical / as per plant requirement.
  • Ball Strainer Size: Ranging from DN 700 to DN 3500 mm
  • Ball Strainer Internal Screen Type: Single screen / double screen / four screens / eight screens depending on the size of the C.W line.


  • Debris Filter Shell: - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cupro Nickel, Duplex SS
  • Internals: SS 316 L, SS 317 LN, Cupro Nickel, Duplex / Super Duplex steel
  • Pumps & Valves: SS 316 L, SS 317 LN, Cupro Nickel, Duplex / Super Duplex Steel
  • The Tube Cleaning System Shell and Internal materials can be provided according to our customer's requirements, which will be suitable for the circulating water.


Condenser Tubes will be free from deposits and corrosion

  • Enhances the life of the Condenser
  • Minimizes the Fouling Factor
  • Maintains the Heat Transfer rate
  • Saves shutdown time for manual cleaning of the tubes
  • Reduction in chemical cost
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